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Why You Should Get Routine Blood Work

Why You Should Get Routine Blood Work

Your physician may recommend that you get a blood test taken to check for a specific health condition or just to track your overall physical well-being.

As a provider of Physician House Call Services, Dallas, TX, we recommend that you get blood tests done if you:

  • Experience unusual, persistent symptoms such as fatigue, abnormal weight gain, etc.
  • Want to optimize your health by tracking the nutrients you put in your body along with your cholesterol levels.
  • Want to reduce your risk of disease or complications by catching early signs of heart, lung, and kidney conditions.

Our visiting physicians in Dallas, TX can provide blood tests for our patients at home when they require labwork but have an injury or a disability that makes it risky for them to leave their homes. These blood tests can include the following:

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Chemistry (basic metabolic) panel
  • Thyroid panel
  • Nutrient tests
  • Enzyme markers

Do you require bloodwork services, follow-up visits, and other health examinations but can’t leave your home? You might benefit from a Physician House Call Dallas, TX. Our qualified staff at Vital Physician House Calls will ensure that you get your physician services at your own convenience.

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