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Importance of Not Missing Your Check-ups


Checkups with your physician in the future can assist in lowering hospital readmissions. Post-discharge check-ins that are routinely scheduled assist patients avoid the hospital by detecting complications early and addressing developing problems. For healthcare companies, reducing hospital readmissions also offers financial benefits.

Limited follow-up appointment attendance is related to low health literacy and difficulty getting transportation.

Telehealth and house doctors visiting our homes like Physician House Call Dallas, TX are two potential choices that can lessen the burden of transportation constraints. It can spare patients from making extensive trips or from being forced to take time off work to receive follow-up care.

As a provider of visiting physicians in Dallas, TX, we at Vital Physician House Calls believes that for patients to continue with the recommended treatment plan, which may include going through tests and taking their meds, timely follow-up with patients is essential. A medical follow-up is essential for reducing safety and liability concerns as well as improving the likelihood of a successful outcome.

There is no denying the reality that going to the doctor is sometimes something you would rather not do. Most seniors find it exhausting to spend the time typically needed for such a visit, and many have trouble physically getting to their doctor’s office. Therefore, it could be tempting to disregard your doctor’s recommendation to schedule a follow-up consultation. But there are good reasons to follow your doctor’s recommendations like the below:

  • More details
  • Test outcomes
  • Early identification of potential drug-related problems
  • Preventative care

If you need Physician House Call Services, Dallas, TX, please feel free to contact us.

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