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House Call Physicians and Reduced Hospital Readmissions


Readmissions to the hospital can be emotionally and financially draining for patients and their families. The good news is that the existence of on-call physicians in Texas, such as Vital Physician House Calls, is significantly lowering hospital readmissions. Let’s look at how vital home-call physicians are in this endeavor and why you should consider hiring them for your healthcare requirements.

  • Improved Post-Discharge Care

    Patients who are discharged may need help to stick to their treatment programs, which might lead to difficulties. Visiting physicians provide in-home follow-up care, ensuring that patients receive the medical attention and direction they require, preventing readmissions.

  • Medication Administration

    House-call physicians play an essential role in medication management by ensuring that patients take their drugs as prescribed. They educate patients about their prescriptions and evaluate their progress, lowering the likelihood of complications that require hospitalization.

  • Chronic Condition Monitoring

    House-call physicians provide complete care for chronic illnesses, routinely monitoring patients to recognize and manage difficulties as they arise. This preventive strategy aids in the prevention of hospitalizations.

  • Prompt Intervention

    In-home care allows house-call physicians to intervene quickly in the event of a medical emergency. They can address problems before they become serious, lowering the probability of hospital readmissions.

  • Comfort and convenience

    Receiving medical care at home is significantly more convenient and less stressful than hospitalization. House-call physicians give their treatments in the comfort and familiarity of the patient’s home, decreasing anxiety and discomfort that can lead to readmissions.

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