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Everyone Benefits From House Call Physicians


The revival of house calls has brought a lot of benefits to everyone. Physicians who revisited this method have reported a lot of key benefits for patients as well as providers.

A physician house call is a medical consultation performed by a doctor and the provision of home-based primary care medicine to homebound geriatric or chronically ill patients. One of the most compelling benefits of house calls is that they can lower costs for payers like Medicare. According to Medicare data, patients who receive at-home care require 9% fewer hospitalizations and 20% fewer ER visits.

House calls, such as our physician house call Dallas, TX, can improve patient safety. A lot of American citizens are in the senior population. Most of the people in this population are homebound. House calls can then give doctors a chance to check in on their patients with less mobility and know whether they are taking their medication regularly.

House calls can also save patients’ time. It is not just the elderly who benefits from house calls. Young adults and parents with small children receive a huge chunk of benefit from this service, too. House calls help them avoid the hassle of scheduling an appointment for a later time, driving to a clinic or hospital, and wasting time in the waiting room. This is why our visiting physicians in Dallas, TX are continuously making themselves available.

So, if you ever need medical attention, call Vital Physician House Calls today! Your health and safety are assured by our physician house call services, Dallas, TX!

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